Getting police clearance certificate ( PCC ) in cyberabad, hyderabad

The below site explains PCC procedure specific to people living in cyberabad limits

Go to the below site to understand whether the place of your residence is covered by cyberabad police

For people living in Hyderabad police limit the site is

Go to the below site to understand whether the place of your residence is covered by hyderabad police


I have got my PCC done from cyberabad police commissioner office. As such the details mentioned on the cyberabad PCC site is good enough to understand the complete procedure. Just to add a few things :-

-In the documents section there is mention of NOC from my employer. It was not required. This was may be because I have submitted my transfer-letter for an abroad location from my current employer as a proof of purpose for PCC.

-Once you submit all the documents in commissioner office, a police-officer (he is in plain clothes and he will usually call before coming) will visit your place. On his visit to your place he will ask you to get sign of 2 people from your neighbourhood for the purpose of reference. After this he will submit the documents back to commisioner-office. It will take another 10 days for the issue of PCC. You need to come to office for collecting it. You can check for the status of PCC online. If the status is clear, then before coming to office please call to check if your PCC has also been signed by respective officers.

-In my case, once I submitted all my documents at the commissioner office, the clerk gave me the police-officer’s mobile number and asked me to call him for coming to my residence. He came on the same day in evening. Also once he verified all my documents, he sealed it in an envelope and asked me to submit them back to clerk in commisioner office.

Note : In my case the PCC was signed by deputy-commisioner. For the purpose of attestation, the GAD (General Administration Department), Hyderabad only accepts PCC that are issued by a offficer of rank higher or equal to joint-commisioner of police. Deputy commisioner is a lower rank official.


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